John Sokolowski

Category: Bob-sleigh
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AJohn Sokolowski was able to achieve something that most athletes only dream of; an opportunity to test his skills against the world’s top athletes at the Olympic Games.
As a youth, John excelled in multiple sports, including track and field, football, bobsleigh, and triathlons.
In high school, he was a nationally ranked runner in the 100 and 200 meter categories. He was the Maritime Sprint Champion in both of these disciplines.
Despite never having played football prior to enrolling at Mount Allison University, John made the varsity roster in his freshman year. He played for the Mounties throughout his tenure on a team that was able to reach the Vanier Cup final. He continued his football career at Acadia University where he obtained his Bachelor of Education.
Because of John’s speed and power, he was successful in winning a position on Canada’s Bobsleigh team in 2000 where he competed internationally for a number of years. John’s crowning athletic achievement came as he served as brakeman for Canada’s #2 sleigh at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.
John currently serves as a fitness trainer in Kanata, Ontario.