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The Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame is established to recognize and honour those whose achievements in, or contributions to, Miramichi sports are deemed worthy of special recognition.  The Board of Directors would like to encourage the community to fill out nomination applications for worthy candidates

Nomination Deadline: November 15, 2023


Individual athletes, builders, and teams shall be the three categories of membership in the Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame.

Eligible persons shall include natives of the City of Miramichi, and/or adopted sons or daughters of the City of Miramichi, who by personal athletic performance, as athletes, builders, or team members, have brought recognition and honour to themselves, their teams or the community.

Athletes, to be eligible for election, must, normally, have concluded their careers as active players for a minimum of three (3) years, or have reached their fiftieth (50th) birthday. Exceptions to this rule are possible in the cases of athletes whose prominence, skill, achievements, and contributions are obviously worthy of immediate recognition.

Teams are deemed eligible for election after a waiting period of three (3) years following their noteworthy achievement or distinction. Teams may have members who are still active participants in their sport.

Builders may be either active or inactive at the time of their nomination.

Miramichi residents who are honoured members of provincial, national, or other municipal Walls of Halls of Fame will be given special consideration for early induction to the Miramichi Wall, but the regular nomination procedure must be followed.

Nominees may be living or deceased at the time of their nomination. Individual candidates may be nominated as an athlete or as a builder but will not be considered in both categories concurrently.

Pioneer Category:

The members of the Board of Directors have discovered, over time, the names of many Miramichi men, women and teams that played prominent roles in sports locally, nationally and internationally in the first half of the 20th century.

In many cases we had access to pictures and records of these legendary builders and athletes, but it was unlikely they would ever be inducted to our Wall of Fame. All are deceased and many had moved away to take new employment opportunities, raise families and contribute their talents to new communities. No one was left on the river, after these many years, to nominate them.

To address the situation, the Directors established a subcommittee of the Board to research records and pictures as far back as the late 1800s. The Pioneer Committee will present its recommendations each year to the Board until we are satisfied that all the past legends of Miramichi sports have been duly recognized.

The first Pioneer was inducted into the Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame in 2014.

Procedure for Nomination:

To be considered for election, candidates must be nominated on the official nominations forms. Nominations may be made by individuals, teams, or governing bodies, and must contain complete and accurate information concerning the record and merits of the candidate.

Nominations must have the consent of the candidate, or, if the candidate is deceased, his/her family.

The nomination deadline is November 15. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered the following year.
Forms will be available at the Lord Beaverbrook Arena and at both Credit Union branches and at Forms may also be printed off this web site from the Nominate/Apply page. Nomination forms can be mailed to: Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame, Box 353, Miramichi, NB, E1N 3A7, or handed in to Board members.

Nominations will be considered for three consecutive years. If the nominee has not been elected, after the third year the nominations will be declared inactive, but may be resubmitted following an additional two-year waiting period.

The Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame is a successor to the Chatham Sports Wall of Fame, authority for which was originally vested in the Chatham Recreation and Parks Commission, and, subsequently, in the Chatham Rink Commission. The Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame shall establish a Board of Directors of not less than seven (7) persons, to oversee the operation and administration of the Wall, and to establish liaison with appropriate interests.

The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may establish sub-committees to undertake administration, selection, annual awards ceremonies, and any or all necessary related functions. Recommendations of sub-committees must be sanctioned by duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors.

Candidates for induction shall be selected on the basis of:

  1. The level and significance of their achievements and contributions to sport(s) in Miramichi.
  2. The degree of difficulty in achieving success.
  3. Consistency and dedication to sport over a period of time.
  4. Personal qualities, integrity as an athlete, and dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship.
  5. Devotion to the ideals of team play (if applicable)

The number of individual candidates to be inducted in any given year shall not exceed nine (9).
The number of teams to be inducted in any given year is limited to one (1).

Nomination Guidelines:

  1. Individual nominees must have achieved outstanding success, or have made an outstanding contribution as an athlete or builder, to sport(s) in the Miramichi area.Nominations must have the consent of the candidate, or, if the candidate is deceased, his or her family.Teams which have achieved outstanding success or recognition may be nominated in the team category.
  2. Nomination forms must be submitted to:
    Miramichi Sports Wall of Fame
    P.O.Box 353
    Miramichi, NB E1N 3A7
  3. Nominations will be received annually no later than November 15. Guidelines must be followed completely in preparing forms. Incomplete nominations will be returned. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered the following year.
  4. The induction ceremony will be held annually on the third Friday in February at the Rodd Miramichi.
  5. Accepted candidates will be notified by December 31.
  6. Please attach the following to all nominations:
    a) A 5x7 or 8x10 black and white or color photograph MUST be included with the nomination.
    b) Photocopies of clippings or articles referring to the nominee.
    c) A complete summary of the achievements of the person or team nominated using the following guidelines:
    (i) For all nominees specify the level and classification of competition (i.e. Olympic, World, Commonwealth, International, National, Maritime, Regional, Provincial, Open, Invitational, Age class, Masters, etc.)
    (ii) Describe, including dates and relevant information, medals, trophies, MVP awards, all-star selections, records, and special recognitions achieved by the nominee.
    (iii) Provide information to illustrate the dedication and perseverance of the nominee, including training practices, unusual or difficult circumstances encountered, the number and quality of other competitors involved, and other pertinent points about the difficulties encountered by the nominee in the achievement of success.
    (iv) Provide information to illustrate the nominee's ability to attain top performance over a number of years.
    (v) Provide information on the nominee's leadership skills, character, sportsmanship, and contributions to sport and the community.
    d) Nominations may include letters of support and copies of awards, certificates, citations, etc.

Induction Ceremony:

An induction ceremony shall be held annually on a date and at a location to be announced. Every effort shall be made to ensure consistency,
continuity, and similarity in the ceremony, from year to year. At the discretion of the Board of Directors these Rules and Regulations may be waived, amended, or modified, as required in special or extraordinary situations or circumstances.

Revised December 1, 2021

Nomination Forms: